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For Immediate Release Letter of Opinion

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I support the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Freedom of Speech is an essential component to any Democracy. I am saddened, however by the rhetoric during this campaign cycle.

It is absolutely ethical for a candidate to define the differences in their beliefs from those of their opponent. What we have seen in this election cycle are “shades of gray”. The ethical challenges faced by candidates, political consultants, and other political actors in the campaign cycle.


This week I read a paid ad in the Times Reporter from a man who doesn’t live in our county bashing the Democratic Party. As Chairman of our local democratic party I am compelled to speak out. On October 18, 2015 The Times Reporter printed a special supplement entitled “We The People.” I was asked to write an article about the Democratic Party. It was entitled “Democrats Ideals committed to make Ohio, America Great Again”. The title is ironic is it not? In that article I spoke of past democratic presidents and the programs/legislation they were able to push through congress to strengthen our nation. President Woodrow Wilson gave women the right to vote. President Roosevelt led us out of the great depression. President Truman helped break down racial barriers. President Kennedy put a man on the moon and created the Peace Corps. President Johnson fought the war on poverty and signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act and Medicare. Bill Clinton presided over an expanding economy while Barrack Obama reigned in abuses on Wall Street and provided universal health insurance. Democrats value opportunity and equality. We are passionate fighters for social justice, a clean environment, a safe work place, affordable housing, and retirement with dignity.

Our Democracy is unique in being a two party system. We need both parties to articulate the concerns of the people. So rather than expending negative energy to bash political parties and candidates, let’s establish an ethical framework for campaigns. We need to work together to uphold our American dream for a free, strong, and vibrant nation, a thriving Buckeye State free of political corruption, and our Tuscarawas County with a bright future.

Gail Garbrandt, Chair

Tuscarawas County Democratic Party

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