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Democrats Applaud Long-Awaited Action Making It Easier for Ohioans to Register, Call for Automatic Voter Registration

COLUMBUS — As of Jan. 1, Ohioans can now use an online portal to register to vote — but the system requires a voter to have an Ohio driver’s license or state identification card, which means that many eligible Ohioans will be unable to take advantage of the convenience of online voter registration.


“Online voter registration is something for which Ohio Democrats have been fighting for years, going back to 2009 when the Democratic-led House passed legislation to allow it in Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Statehouse Republicans blocked that bill and failed to take action until the past legislative session. Then, they worked behind the scenes to ensure online voter registration would not be available for the 2016 election cycle and added a provision requiring an eligible voter to have a state-issued ID card. That leaves out a lot of seniors, young people, college students and lower-income Ohioans from being able to use online voter registration.

“While this limited online voter registration is a good first step, Ohio should now take the next step and enact automatic voter registration, as has been done in states like Oregon, Connecticut and even Alaska, which passed it by voter referendum in 2016. The Ohio Democratic Party supports greater voter participation — regardless of party — and we will keep fighting to protect the right to vote for all Ohioans.”

If you have an Ohio driver’s license or state ID card, you can click here to use the state’s online voter registration system:



State Rep. Kathleen Clyde and state Sen. Kenny Yuko have proposed legislation to enact automatic voter registration, which would potentially add more than 1 million eligible Ohioans to the voting rolls and update thousands more.

The Findlay Courier has endorsed automatic voter registration, writing it could be “an even better way to encourage voter participation” in Ohio.

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