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JANUARY 25, 2017


Chair, Gail Garbrandt, called the Tuscarawas County Democratic Executive Committee to order

January 25, 2017, with Fifty-five (55) members present.

A moment of silence was observed in remembrance of R. Kinsey Milleson, who recently passed away.

Martha Campbell made a motion to accept the December 14, 2016, minutes as written; seconded by Bob Mueller. Motion passed.

Treasurer, Bob DiDonato, presented the financial report. He pointed out that the treasury has about Eleven Hundred ($1,100) dollars more than last year at this time. The financial records are maintained at the office and anyone interested in reviewing the financial records is welcome to do so. Andrea Fanti made a motion to accept the financial report; seconded by Becky Ayers. Motion passed.

Gail acknowledged that the following Executive Committee members submitted their resignations in 2016: Sandra Moss and Dwight Garner. Terry Culbertson, former Mayor of Uhrichsville, resigned from both the Executive and Central Committee. Additionally, three (3) Executive Committee members have recently relocated out of state: Dr. James Hubert; Jacob McGlumphy and Freida McLane. Gail recommended removing them from the Executive Committee. Kathy Bachman made a motion to accept the recommendation; seconded by Jeremiah Johnson. Motion passed.

A motion was made by John Beitzel to remove Matt Ritterbeck as First Vice-Chair based on his absence for three consecutive meetings; seconded by Martha Campbell. Motion passed.

The Chair recommended appointing the following to the Executive Committee: Giovanni Marangon; Aimee May; Joe Rinehart and Allan Sayre. A motion to accept the recommendation was made by Dan Lanzer; seconded by Ernie Amacher. Motion passed.

Georgie Korns, Precinct Committee representative for Dover 2-C, has moved from that Precinct. A motion was made by Bob Mueller to accept the Chair’s recommendation to appoint Roy Crawford to the

Precinct 2-C position; seconded by Brad Swinderman. Motion passed.

During a 2016 Vice Chair meeting, there was a discussion about requiring members to give a twenty-four (24) hour notice prior to the start of meeting if they want to have their absence from an Executive Committee meeting considered “excused”. The purpose for the twenty-four (24) hour notice is to provide time to notify members that a meeting is being cancelled because it appears unlikely that our quorum of Forty (40%) percent would be achieved. In order to make this advance notice provision and its purpose a matter of record, a vote of the Executive Committee to accept this provision is requested. Bob Everett made a motion to accept the twenty-four (24) hour notice provision; seconded by Will Handrich. Motion passed.

The Board of Elections report was given by Board of Elections (BOE) Director, Allan Sayre. The Board has hired Stephanie Staggers to fill Scott O’Meara’s vacancy. Stephanie will be responsible for the campaign finance reports as well as other duties.

Kathy Bachman gave a report on the recent Women’s March in Washington, D.C. which she participated in last weekend. She invited women who are interested in joining the activism to attend a meeting at the Daily Grind, Sunday, February 5, at noon, sponsored by local women who attended the Women’s March activities.

Gail reviewed the 2017 projected budget and advised the Party’s 2017 calendar of events is available.

Chair’s report: Gail thanked numerous members for volunteering to help at Dem HQ. Although 2016 was a tough year she is looking forward to working with the Ohio Dems coordinated campaign during the Governor’s race in 2018. She noted that since she became Chair, our Party has strengthened our relationship with the State Party. She participates in the Ohio State Chair Association events; she has done a number of speaking engagements last year and looks forward to working with the State Party in small group meetings addressing framing issues and promoting civility. She is grateful to Dr. Jim Hubert for his service and help in recruiting Dr. Cameron. All Central Committee terms will expire in 2018 and petitions will be available for members to file for their precinct Committee position.

Eric Harmon, a Claymont senior, was introduced. He is interested in becoming involved with the Young Dems.

Gail reported that Brad Swinderman, Vice Chair of Social Justice and Community Concerns, will be organizing an Earth Day event. In the future, we will be inviting the Republican Party to do a day of service with us.

The meeting was turned over to Martha Campbell, Parliamentarian, to conduct the election for a member to serve a four (4) year term on the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections. Ida Barlock currently holds the seat of the expiring term on the BOE and she does not seek re-election.

Tim Still nominated Gail Garbrandt; Brad Swinderman seconded the nomination. Sam Hitchcock made a motion to close the nominations; Sandy Cox seconded the motion. Motion passed. Bob Mueller made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot; seconded by Sandy Cox. Motion passed.

Chair Garbrandt conducted a second election by asking for nominations to fill the vacancy of the First Vice- Chair. Dave Johnson nominated Jeremiah Johnson; seconded by Mark Haney. After calling for additional nominations and hearing none, Martha Campbell moved to close the nominations; seconded by Michele Erwin. Jeremiah Johnson was unanimously elected.

Tim Still made a motion to close the meeting; seconded by Dan Lanzer.

Respectfully submitted:

Michele Erwin, Secretary

Tuscarawas County Democratic Executive Committee

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