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  1. Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan Breaks With Biden and Targets Trump Base - Bloomberg

  2. Ohio Democrats praise Senate’s inflation reduction and climate package; Ohio Republicans blast its tax provis - cleveland.com

  3. Ohio Senate race: Tim Ryan tries to win moderates from J.D. Vance - The Columbus Dispatch

  4. Tim Ryan is playing to win in Ohio - WV News

  5. Electric-vehicle tax credits in Senate bill embraced by Tim Ryan, criticized by J.D. Vance: Capitol Letter - cleveland.com

  6. U.S. Senate passes major health, tax and climate bill in boost for Democrats - Ohio Capital Journal

  7. House Passes Climate, Tax and Health Bill - The New York Times

  8. US court denies teen an abortion - Global Times

  9. Winning Back the Working Class - U.S. News & World Report

    Winning Back the Working Class  U.S. News & World Report
  10. President Joe Biden signs legislation named for Ohio guardsman to help veterans injured by military burn pits - cleveland.com

  11. Rep. Tim Ryan: 'Big mistake' to deny people are getting hammered by inflation - Fox News

  12. Capitol Insider: Mike DeWine says he won't join GOP campaign to end drag queen story hours - The Columbus Dispatch

  13. House passes bill that would restore pensions of 5,000 Ohio Delphi retirees - cleveland.com

  14. Tim Ryan turned his race into a surprise Senate battleground. Now comes the hard part. - POLITICO

  15. Tim Ryan faces an uphill fight in Ohio U.S. Senate contest - NPR

  16. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan Voted To Let Reserve Oil Be Sent To Beijing - The Federalist

  17. Biden Set to Sign Law to Pump $53 Billion Into US Chip Manufacturing - CNET

  18. Democrats Running for Ohio Governor Pick Their Running Mates - U.S. News & World Report

  19. COVID-19 research bill named in honor of St. Edward student Brycen Gray passes US House - WKYC.com

  20. ICYMI: Kaptur claims to support law enforcement but record says otherwise - National Republican Congressional Committee

    ICYMI: Kaptur claims to support law enforcement but record says otherwise  National Republican Congressional Committee
  21. CHIPS Act could mean cheaper laptops for all - but not for a few years - TechRadar

  22. Ohio Democrat and Republican candidates for U.S. Senate discuss student debt, 2020 election in debate - OSU - The Lantern

  23. Ohio Democrat's dad on commission that drew district where she's running for Congress - Fox News

  24. Ohio Democrat uses TikTok alter ego to troll her opponent in Ohio House race - The Cincinnati Enquirer

  25. Tim Ryan Struggles to Reach Ohio’s Exhausted Majority - The New York Times

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